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Dinosaur Pictures Memory Game

Educational Dinosaur Pictures Memory Game
Educational Dinosaur Pictures Memory Game
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Educational Dinosaur Pictures Memory Game. Pictosaurus is the educational version of the popular matching dinosaur games, designed to help develop memory skills and educate your child about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Dinosaur memory game for the whole family! Challenging memory dinosaur game with 44 pictures of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Test your memory while learning about dinosaurs! Experience the Cretaceous and Jurassic dinosaurs that lived millions years ago, prehistoric animals from Pleistocene Epoch . This is the best memory challenging dinosaur pictures game for kids as well as adults. Original art by Josef Moravec.

Includes 44 total dinosaur matching cards (2 of each):
1. Cretaceous dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus rex - Late Cretaceous Period 68-65 MYA
2. Jurassic reptile - Archaeopteryx - Late Jurassic Period - 150 MYA
3. Jurassic dinosaur - Ceratosaurus & Stegosaurus-Early Jurassic Period 203-194 MYA
4. Cretaceous dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus rex - Late Cretaceous Period 68-65 MYA
5. Cretaceous dinosaur - Carnotaurus - Middle Cretaceous period 113-91 MYA
6. Cretaceous dinosaur - Parasaurolophus - Late Cretaceous Period 76-65 MYA
7. Cretaceous dinosaurs - Albertosaurus & Corythosaurus-Late Cretaceous Period 76-68 MYA
8. Cretaceous dinosaur - Triceratops - Late Cretaceous Period 70-65 MYA
9. Cretaceous dinosaur - Anatosaurus - Late Cretaceous Period 77-73 MYA
10. Cretaceous dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus rex & Triceratops-Late Cretaceous Period 68-65 MYA
11. Cretaceous reptile - Kronosaurus - Late Cretaceous Period 112 MYA
12. Prehistoric animal - Indricotherium - Early Oligocene Epoch 33.7 MYA
13. Prehistoric animal - Brontotherium - Early Oligocene Epoch 33.7 MYA
14. Jurassic reptile - Stenopterygius - Early Jurassic Period 203 MYA
15. Jurassic dinosaur - Brachiosaurus - Late Jurassic Period 156-145 MYA
16. Prehistoric animal - Columbian Mammoth-Late Pliocene-Late Pleistocene 1.75-.01 MYA
17. Prehistoric animal - Coelodonta - Late Pleistocene Epoch - 200-25 TYA
18. Prehistoric animal - American Lion - Late Pleistocene Epoch 120-10 TYA
19. Prehistoric animal - Arctodus simus - Late Pleistocene Epoch 120-10 TYA
20. Prehistoric animal - Saber Tooth Cat - Late Pleistocene Epoch 120-10 TYA
21. Prehistoric animal - Wooly Mammoth - Late Pleistocene Epoch 120-4 TYA
22. Prehistoric animal - Mastodon - Middle Pliocene-Late Pleistocene 3.75-0.01 MYA

Brand: Dinosaur Corporation

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Educational Dinosaur Pictures Memory Game