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3D T-rex Dinosaur Book

3D T-rex Dinosaur Book
3D T-rex Dinosaur Book
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Dinosaur Book with 13 "3D" Jurassic World Dinosaurs. 100 Million Years of Prehistoric Times. A perfect gift for kids loving prehistoric times.

Dinosaur Book contains the following Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs:

* 3D Stegosaurus
* 3D Dimetrodon
* 3D Coelophysis
* 3D Pachyrhinosaurus
* 3D Brachiosaurus
* 3D Spinosaurus
* 3D Duranosaur
* 3D Suchomimus
* 3D Edmontonia
* 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex
* 3D Triceratops
* 3D Ceratosaurus
* 3D Tylosaurus

* Each dinosaur is accompanied by educational description and facts.

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3D T-rex Dinosaur Book