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Megaloceros giganteus by Zdenek Burian

Megaloceros giganteus Oil Painting
Megaloceros giganteus Oil Painting
Megaloceros giganteus, was a species of Megaloceros and one of the largest deer that ever lived. Its range extended across Eurasia, from Ireland to east of Lake Baikal, during the Late Pleistocene. The latest known remains of the species have been carbon dated to about 7,700 years ago. Megaloceros was powerful beast with an antler span of up to 4.25 m (14 ft). Since its palmated antlers resembled those of the present-day elk and fallow deer, it was once wrongly regarded as a giant form of one of these species. It lived in wide, open plains with grass and shrubs, and probably avoided forests, where its antlers would have been a hindrance.

Original Art by Czech Paleo-Artist Zdenek Burian.
Copyright Zdenek Burian-Heirs, Jiri Hochman and Martin Hochman. All rights reserved.

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Megaloceros giganteus Oil Painting