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Shop for dinosaur shoes and dino sneakers. Dinosaur Corporation carries the best selection of high quality dinosaur themed shoes, high tops and low tops, sneakers, tennis shoes and more.

Find Selection of High Quality 3D Dinosaur Shoes, Sneakers, Hi Tops, Low Tops, Sandals, Flip Flops, Slippers, Shoes for Kids, Children, Boys, Girls, Toddler & Teens. Choose from T rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus & Velociraptor, dinosoles, dinogear, dinorama, 3D Jurassic $ prehistoric styles.

# 3-D Dinosaur figure with lighted eye
# Large lighted dino eye
# High quality suede
# Dinosaur skin action leather
# 3 part outsole
# Durable construction

Dinosaur Shoes, T-rex Shoes, Prehistoric Shoes
Out of Stock
Regular price: $85.95
Sale price: $79.99
SPECIAL OFFER Go T-rex Dinosaur Shoes Light
Regular price: $12.95
Sale price: $6.99
T-rex Flip Flops
Regular price: $13.95
Sale price: $8.99
Dinosaur Sandals, Dinosaur Flipflopsaurs
Regular price: $17.95
Sale price: $12.99
3D Velociraptor Dinosaur Sandals
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $49.99

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