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Real Collectible Woolly Mammoth Hair

Real Collectible Woolly Mammoth Hair
Real Collectible Woolly Mammoth Hair
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Real Woolly Mammoth Hair. The Woolly mammoths were members of Elephantidae family.

* Species: Mammuthus primigenius.
* Pleistocene, 10,000 + years ago

The appearance and behavior of this species are among the best studied of any prehistoric animal because of the discovery of frozen carcasses in Siberia and Alaska, as well as skeletons, teeth, stomach contents, dung, and depiction from life in prehistoric cave paintings. Mammoth remains had long been known in Asia before they became known to Europeans in the 17th century. The origin of these remains was long a matter of debate, and often explained as being remains of legendary creatures. The mammoth was identified as an extinct species of elephant by Georges Cuvier in 1796.

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Real Collectible Woolly Mammoth Hair