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Venatosaurus, Limited edition

 Jurassic Raptor Replica, Venatosaurus
Jurassic Raptor Replica, Venatosaurus


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Raptor Replica. Limited Edition Venatosaurus sculpted By Gary Hunt and Shaun Bolton. Model Size: approx. 19 inches H (483mm) x 8 inches W (203mm) x 16.5 inches L (419mm) Venatosaurus is a dromeosaur that measures around 16-24 feet in length.

The Venatosaur's intelligence helped it learn to use the environment as an advantage, as was depicted when they chased Brontosaurs over unstable terrain. Certain animals revealed themselves to the herd, driving them down a pathway while others went around the ruins. They would then attack and, with this tactic, it took fewer hunters to accomplish a large job.

Venatosaurs were intelligent and social carnivores, hunting in packs of 6-12 animals. Coordinating their attacks with impressive cunning, they developed tactics to deal with specific animals. They were the only small predators that preyed on adult Brontosaurus. Success would lead to a food source the whole pack could share for a week to a month. As well as Brontosaurus, they hunted animals such as Asperdorsus, Treetops and Diablosaurus. Their bodies seem to have design relations to Velociraptor, the possible ancestor, but the measurements of Utahraptor.

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Jurassic Raptor Replica, Venatosaurus