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Tyrannosaurus rex Lunch Box

Dinosaur  Lunch Box, T-rex Lunch Box
Dinosaur Lunch Box, T-rex Lunch Box
Dinosaur lunch box. T-rex dinosaur lunch box is great for any dinosaur enthusiastic. It has a full suede finish, for easy clean up. And it has a cool "DinoGear" graphic logo, for that extra cool touch!
Size 9.5" x 7.5" x 4" (24 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm).

Tyrannosaurus rex
Best known of the dinosaurs, T-rex was one of the most awesome creatures that have walked on the earth. It was one of the largest meat - eating dinosaurs, having a skull up to 5ft long and many sharp teeth reaching lengths of 6in (15cm). The first complete T-rex skeleton was discovered in 1902, and many great examples have been unearthed over the last fifteen years.

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Tyrannosaurus rex T-rex
TIME - 65 - 68MYA, Late Cretaceous period.
RANGE - USA Colorado, Montana, N. Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming. Canada Alberta, Saskatchewan.
DIET - The T-rex was a carnivore, especially fond of large herbivorous dinosaurs.
SIZE - Height up to 20ft (6m) and lengths up to 49ft(15m).
WEIGHT - 6.5 US tons.

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Dinosaur Lunch Box, T-rex Lunch Box