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Xenacanthus decheni

Xenacanthus decheni
Xenacanthus decheni
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Xenacanthus decheni by Josef Moravec.
Oil painting 24" x 18".

* Available for sale to museums and serious art collectors.

* Contact us: Dinosaur Corporation

XENACANTHUS decheni (fresh water shark) was characterized by a large spine protruding from the back of its head as well as little forked teeth. Since it did not possess true bone, mostly spines and teeth are discovered giving a rather limited view of this interesting animal.

TIME - 345 MYA, Carboniferous period. Some species survived into the mid - Permian period.
RANGE - USA - Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico. Fossils of this shark are also found in Russia and some sites in Eastern Europe.

The Carboniferous is a major division of the geologic timescale that extends from the end of the Devonian period, about 359.2 million years ago to the beginning of the Permian period, about 299.0 million years ago. The Carboniferous is named for the extensive coal beds of that age found in Western Europe. The first two thirds of the Carboniferous is called the Mississippian Subperiod, and the remainder is called the Pennsylvanian Subperiod. Conifer trees appeared in this important and well-known time period.

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Xenacanthus decheni