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Dinosaur Corporation is the leading supplier of replicas of contemporary and fossil skulls and skeletons. Located in Henderson-Nevada and in business for over 20 years supplying museums and science institutions.

Find a unique selection of museum quality mammal skulls, Pleistocene skulls, mammal skeletons, Carnivore skulls, Cervidae skulls, Cetacea Skulls, Proboscidea skulls, Pinnipedia skulls, Sirenia skulls, Pholidota skulls, Perissodactyla skulls, Tubulidentata skulls, Artiodactyla skulls, Edentata skulls, Primates skulls, Monotremes skulls, Mammal fossils, Birds skulls, Mammal skeletons and Reptile skeletons.

Museum Quality contemporary skulls and skeletons are cast in durable Polyurethane resins.

***International Orders: Dinosaur Corporation is unable to calculate the shipping costs on any item purchased until it is ready to ship. When your order is processed, we will e-mail you the shipping cost which is based on weight and the country where you live. A shipping and handling charge will be added to your order upon your approval. You can also contact us at

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