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Caribou - Reindeer Skull Replica with Antlers & Stand

Caribou Skull, Reindeer Skull
Caribou Skull, Reindeer Skull
Item # WRS458
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Caribou skull. Reindeer. Rangifer tarandus. Northern Hemisphere tundras. Polyurethane cast.

* Size: 16.1 inch x 6.9 inch x 6.8 inch (41cm x 17cm x 17cm)
* Antler Pair Size: 4 inch x 3 inch x 3 inch (10cm x 7cm x 6cm).
* Span with Stand Size: 37.8 inch x 29 inch x 24 inch (96cm x 74cm x 61cm)
* Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins.
* Made in USA

Caribou (North America) refers to any of several North American subspecies, ecotypes, populations, and herds of the species Rangifer tarandus. In North America caribou range in size from the smallest, the Peary caribou, to the largest, the boreal woodland caribou. The North American range of caribou extends from Alaska, through the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, into the boreal forest and south through the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia and Selkirk Mountains.

The Caribou is a specialist that is well adapted to cooler climates with hollow-hair fur that covers almost all of its body including its nose, and provides insulation in winter and flotation for swimming. Caribou can reach a speed of 6080 km/h (3750 mph).

On average the Caribou male weighs 90110 kg (200240 lb) and measures 0.91.7 m (3.05.6 ft) in shoulder height. The Woodland caribou are the largest and the Peary caribou the smallest. The largest Alaskan male Porcupine caribou can weigh as much as 310 kilograms (680 lb).

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Caribou Skull, Reindeer Skull