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Apatosaurus Scaled Dinosaur Statue 51"

Apatosaurus Scaled Dinosaur Statue 51"
Apatosaurus Scaled Dinosaur Statue 51"
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Apatosaurus Scaled Dinosaur Statue.

The Apatosaurus Dinosaur was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs ever found. A member of the family Diplodocidae, a group of gigantic sauropod dinosaurs. The long, enormous neck, resembling a modern day giraffe, allowed the Apatosaurus the height advantage to alarm other dinosaurs such as Supersaurus and Stegosaurus to oncoming danger from Jurassic predators. The life span of the average Apatosaurus was about 100 years, this is thought because contemporary carnivores were too small to bring down a full-grown Apatosaurus. Our scaled, yet over four-foot-long, prehistoric replica dinosaur statue is cast in quality designer resin, reinforced for supreme strength with fiberglass and hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture to be as faithful as possible to the form of its ancient species.

* Size: 51" W x 17" D x 24" H
* Weight: 19 lbs
* Material: Cast in quality designer resin

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Apatosaurus Scaled Dinosaur Statue 51"