Prehistoric World Images by Josef Moravec

Welcome to Art Gallery of Prehistoric World Images presented by Dinosaur Corporation. This Unique Dinosaur Art Collection of over 70 Oil paintings of Permian, Jurassic, Cretaceous Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Mammals, Ice Age Animals and pictures of their habitat, that you are about to see is the work of paleo-artist Josef Moravec. He has devoted more than 40 years discovering, studying and bringing to life on canvas this incredible "Lost World". You are about to embark on a visual journey across billions of years in the evolution of Earth Science. Few other artists have re-created this world of great dinosaurs with such attention to detail, depth of feeling, or profound sense of history.

For those interested in the exciting, dramatic era of prehistory and the age of dinosaurs, check out our impressive collection of images from world renowned artist and illustrator Josef Moravec. Painted with meticulous detail and gorgeous colors, his renderings of the journey from the Precambrian era to the land and creatures of the Pleistocene Epoch will delight and amaze you.

Dinosaur Art Gallery
A unique collection of beautifully rendered and finely detailed oil paintings of our prehistoric world, from the Precambrian Era 4.6 billion years ago through the Pleistocene Epoch 20,000 years ago. These true-to-life images open a window on a world lost to history, surviving only in the rare fossils and painstaking re-creations found in Museums of Natural History, and in the work of dedicated artists like Josef Moravec.

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The exhibit of Prehistoric World Images includes "HD Alluminum Panels" of land and sea dinosaurs and prehistoric animals from 12 prehistoric periods: Precambrian through Quaternary. A visual journey across billions of years in evolution of Earth Science. For Dinosaur Traveling Exhibit information email: Dinosaur Corporation

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