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Educational institutions & Non Profit Organizations Purchase Orders are welcome.

Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Dinosaur Corporation accepts "Purchase Orders" from preschools, museums, child centers, schools & school districts, universities and discovery Centers from United States. As we are committed to providing high quality products that educate as well as entertain, wed love to work with you-and offer you the lowest prices on our inventory of dinosaur products such as dinosaur party items, toys, woodcraft skeleton puzzles, dino dig kits, dinosaur fossil skulls, contemporary skulls and more.


E-mail the "Purchase Order" on official stationery with purchase order number. We accept payments within 30 days. moravec@prehistory.com


We don't charge tax to tax exempt non-profit organizations. To request our W-9 form contact us: Dinosaur Corporation

1. You can also place your order in our store on-line or
2. Call our customer service tel: 360-836-2878 or
3. E-mail your purchase order to Dinosaur Corporation
4. W-9 form will be e-mailed to you upon your request.
5. We accept Tax Exempt orders (just make a note in comment box when placing your order).


Dinosaur Corporation provides Bulk Pricing for educators interested in : Dinosaur Products


e-catalog Dinosaurs showing Dinosaur Exhibit of original oil paintings the "Evolution of Earth Science". The amazing visual experience from Precambrian era (4.6 billion years ago) to Late Pleistocene epoch 10,000 years ago).

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Purchase Orders