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Dinosaur Corporation is pleased to share with you the collection of original oil paintings showing the "Evolution of Earth Science". The amazing visual experience from Precambrian era (4.6 billion years ago) to Late Pleistocene epoch 10,000 years ago).

Exhibits include trilobites from Cambrian and Ordovician, prehistoric sharks from Devonian, Permian and Jurassic reptiles, countless Mesozoic dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Tarbosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Anatosaurus, Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Allosauruses and prehistoric mammals such as Indricotherium and Brontotherium-Titanothere from Oligocene, Ice age animals Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhino-Coleodonta, Cave Bear-Arctodus simus, Mastodon, Deinotherium, Columbian Mammoth, American Lion and Saber Tooth Cat from Pleistocene epoch.

Welcome to Prehistoric World Images, a dinosaur art collection of over 80 oil paintings of dinosaurs, and pictures of their habitat, that you are about to see is the work of artist Josef Moravec. He has devoted more than 40 years discovering, studying and bringing to life on canvas this incredible "lost world". You are about to embark on a visual journey across billions of years in the evolution of Earth Science. Few other artists have re-created this world of great dinosaurs with such attention to detail, depth of feeling, or profound sense of history.


Available to museums, schools, discovery centers and libraries in US and Canada in 2018 and beyond.


For more information on this unique traveling exhibit contact us: Dinosaur Exhibit

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Cambrian 4600-570 MYA
Cambrian 570-505 MYA
Ordovician 505-438 MYA
Xenacanthus decheni - Carboniferous period 345 MYA
Discosauriscus - Early Permian period
Dimetrodon grandis - Permian 280-260 MYA
Dilophosaurus wetherilli & Scutellosaurus lawleri - Early Jurassic 208-194 MYA
Brachiosaurus brancai - Late Jurassic 156-145 MYA
Stegosaurus armatus & Ceratosaurus nasicornis - Late Jurassic 156-145 MYA
Diplodocus carnegie - Late Jurassic 156-145 MYA
Camarasaurus supremus & Allosaurus fragilis - Late Jurassic 156-145 MYA
Rhamphorhynchus - Late Jurassic 156-145 MYA
Archaeopteryx lithographica - Late Jurassic 150 MYA
Plesiosaurus brachypterygius - Late Jurassic 135 MYA MYA
Carnotaurus sastrei - Middle Cretaceous 113-91 MAY
Kronosaurus queenslandicus - Late Cretaceous 112 MYA
Anatosaurus anectens & Dinosaur Extinction - Late Cretaceous 77-73 MYA
Monoclonius crassus - Late Cretaceous 76-73 MYA
Albertosaurus libratus & Corythosaurus casuarius - Late Cretaceous 75 MYA
Tyrannosaurus rex with babies - Late Cretaceous 68-65 MYA
Tyrannosaurus rex hunting - Late Cretaceous 68-65 MYA
Triceratopses defending their youngsters against Tyrannosaurus rex - Late Cretaceous 68-65 MYA
Triceratops prorsus - Late Cretaceous 70-65 MYA
Tarbosaurus baatar - Late Cretaceous 68-65 MYA
Tarbosaurus baatar - Late Cretaceous 68-65 MYA
Indricotherium pervum - Early Oligocene epoch 30-16.6 MYA
Brontotherium-Titanothere - Early Oligocene 37.5-32 MYA
Phorusrhacos - Miocene-Pleistocene epoch 5 MYA-15000 years ago
Deinotherium - Middle Miocene-Early Pleistocene
American Mastodon - Early Miocene 23 MYA-Late Pleistocene 10000 years ago
Columbian Mammoth - Late Pliocene to Late Pleistocene
Woolly Mammoth - Late Pleistocene 400,000-10000 years ago
Woolly Mammoth - Late Pleistocene 400,000-10000 years ago
Woolly Mammoth - Late Pleistocene 400,000-10000 years ago
Saber Tooth Cat - Late Pleistocene epoch 2.5 MYA–10,000 years ago
Woolly Rhino-Coelodonta - Late Pliocene to Late Pleistocene epoch 3.7 MYA–10,000 years ago
Cave Bear Arctodus simus - Pleistocene epoch 1.8 MYA until 11,000 years ago

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Prehistoric World Images a visual journey across billions of years in Evolution of Earth Science by paleo-artist Josef Moravec.

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