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Phorusrhacos Wall Sticker

Phorusrhacos Wall Sticker
Phorusrhacos Wall Sticker
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Phorusrhacos Wall Sticker is a self adhesive wall applique. Wall stickers are removable and re-positionable stickers made of a vinyl-like material. A quick and simple alternative to painting, wall decals stick around best on surfaces that are dry, clean, and smooth.

* Available sizes:
* Giant 8" (20 cm) wide x 45" (114 cm) tall
* Large 5" (13 cm) wide x 22" (56 cm) tall
* Small 4" (10 cm) wide x 12" (31 cm) tall

* Made in USA
* Copyright Dinosaur Corporation, U.S.A. All rights

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Phorusrhacos Wall Sticker