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Platybelodon Shovel-Tusker Elephant

Platybelodon Shovel-Tusker Elephant Model Scale Replica
Platybelodon Shovel-Tusker Elephant Model Scale Replica
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Platybelodon is also referred to as the "Shovel-Tusker" elephant. A distant relative of modern elephants. Platybelodon is 10 piece model, approx. 1/20 scale replica. Trunks, tusks, tail, body and legs all cast separate. Included is a simulated terrain base with clearly marked footprints for easy positioning as well as a contoured pine base for display.

Platybelodon model comes unpainted easy to assemble. Requires some seam & putty work around trunk and tail before painting.

* Museum quality, custom made

* What is a Resin Model. A Resin Model is a replica of an original sculpture reproduced through a process called "cold casting" in which polyurethane resin is poured into a rubber mold and allowed to harden at room temperature. The resin dries to form a cast or multiple casts designed to be assembled and painted by hobbyist, model builders or general paleontology enthusiasts.

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Platybelodon Shovel-Tusker Elephant Model Scale Replica