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Tuatara Skull

Tuatara Skull
Tuatara Skull
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Tuatara Skull. Sphenodon puntatus. Rynchocephala. Unique Dinosaur-age remnat from New Zealand's coastal islands. California Academy of Sciences Specimen.

* Size: 3 -5 inch (10cm)
* Material: Museum quality
* Cast in durable Polyurethane resins.
* Made in USA

The Tuatara is an amniote of the family Sphenodontidae, endemic to New Zealand. The two species of Tuatara are the only surviving members of the Sphenodontians which flourished around 200 million years ago, and are in the genus Sphenodon. Tuatara resemble lizards, but are equally related to lizards and snakes, both of which are classified as Squamata, the closest living relatives of Tuatara. For this reason, Tuatara are of great interest in the study of the evolution of lizards and snakes, and for the reconstruction of the appearance and habits of the earliest diapsids (the group that additionally includes birds and crocodiles).

Tuatara are greenish brown, and measure up to 80 cm from head to tail-tip with a spiny crest along the back, especially pronounced in males. Their dentition, in which two rows of teeth in the upper jaw overlap one row on the lower jaw, is unique among living species. They are further unusual in having a pronounced parietal eye, dubbed the "third eye", whose current function is a subject of ongoing research. They are able to hear although no external ear is present, and have a number of unique features in their skeleton, some of them apparently evolutionarily retained from fish.

The Tuatara has been classified as an endangered species since 1895 (the second species, S. Guntheri, was not known until 1989). Tuatara, like many of New Zealand's native animals, are threatened by habitat loss and the introduced Polynesian Rat (Rattus exulans). They were extinct on the mainland, with the remaining populations confined to 32 offshore islands until the first mainland release into the heavily fenced and monitored Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in 2005.

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Tuatara Skull