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Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth
Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth
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Spinosaurus Teeth. Fossil replicas. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Location; from the semi-aquatic areas of Cretaceous North Africa.

**From Left
WT31C - 3.11 inch (7cm)
WT31B - 3.77 inch (10cm)
WT31A - 4 inch (9cm)
WT31E - 4.5 inch (11cm)
WT31F - 6 inch (15cm)

* Museum quality
* Cast in durable polyurethane resins.
* Made in USA

Although Spinosaurus is well-known to dinosaur enthusiasts due to its size, sail, and elongated skull, it is mostly known from remains that have been destroyed, aside from a few more recently discovered teeth and skull elements. Additionally, so far only the skull and backbone have been described in detail, and limb bones have not been found. Jaw and skull material published in 2005 show that it had one of the longest skulls of any carnivorous dinosaur, estimated at about 1.75 meters long (5.75 ft). The skull had a narrow snout filled with straight conical teeth that lacked serrations. There were six or seven teeth on each side of the very front of the upper jaw, in the premaxilla bones, and another twelve in both maxillae behind them. The second and third teeth on each side were noticeably larger than the rest of the teeth in the premaxilla, creating a space between them and the large teeth in the anterior maxilla; large teeth in the lower jaw faced this space. The very tip of the snout holding those few large anterior teeth was expanded, and a small crest was present in front of the eyes.

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Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth